Extreme TMA System


Extreme TMA System

by Alfredo
Entry Rules:

1- We will first determine trend in the TMA by using the TMA Slope indicator value of the TF you are trading. Ranging TMA (-0.50 to 0.50): Trades can be placed in both directions. Buy Only TMA (Above 0.51): Place ONLY Long trades. Sell Only TMA (Below -0.51): Place ONLY Short trades.

2- Once trade direction is determined, we will look at the TMA and wait for price to cross one of the 2 outer bands of the TF you are trading, the top band for a short order or the bottom band for a long order. The further price moves across the bands, the more reliable the trade will be.

3- We will now look at the TMA Slope Indicator and only enter long positions if the Slope value is rising and only enter short positions if Slope value is falling. The steeper the rise or fall on the indicator, the stronger the signal.

4- Finally, we will only take a short trade if price is above the upper TMA band of the TF you are trading AND under a nearby resistance level located also above the upper band. We will only take a long trade if price is below the lower band AND above a nearby support level located also below the lower band. The more distant from the band that price is and the closer price is to the R/S line, the stronger the signal.

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